The Justice Reclaimed project was started by me, Osiame Molefe, a writer and editor more commonly known as TO Molefe. I am among those sexually abused by Geldenhuys when I was a pubescent boy.

My objectives are three-fold:

Firstly, I am investigating, documenting and planning to publish about the failures and shortcomings in the systems meant to protect children from the likes of Geldenhuys. Churches, actors in the criminal justice system, people who run professional associations, Dr Geldenhuys's colleagues and former employers, prosecutors, judges – all and many others have questions to answer.

I would also like to convene a forum for victims and survivors of Geldenhuys – and their parents and family – to share their stories and offer each other support. There are at least 7 boys who came forward over the years and many more who, like me, did not. All of us are traumatised, each in our own ways. We can help each other. 

Contact me on Justice Reclaimed's email, WhatsApp, or a direct message to the private Facebook group. Links below.

Finally, there is no longer a 20-year statute of limitation on Geldenhuys's violent acts – thanks to the 'Frankel 8'. No matter when Geldenhuys sexually abused you, you can still file charges. I will be filing charges and hope others will, too.

How you can help

This project is massive. I could use some help. If you are a victim/survivor, and have skills in the following areas, please reach out and volunteer your services, if you can:

  • Audio editing and production

  • Investigations or investigative journalism

  • Criminal law

  • Afrikaans-to-English translations


1980 to ±1991:

Balfour, Mpumalanga

±1992 to 1995

Mafikeng (Riviera Park), North West

1996 to 1998

Randfontein (driving buses for Elwierda Tours)

1998 to ±2005

Randfontein (back in practice as a dentist)

2010 to 2019

Midrand (in practice as a licensed dentist)

2019 to present

Krugersdorp area (in hiding after being fired from the Midrand practice and the HPCSA again suspending his licence)

Geldenhuys was convicted three times between 1991 and 2005. Only one of these convictions – the one in 2005 – ended in a jail sentence that was reduced from 11 to 4 years. The 1991 sentence was a suspended sentence, and the 2002 sentence offered him the option of a fine or jail time.

It is unclear how many of the four years Dr Geldenhuys served from the 2005 conviction, which he took on appeal all the way to the Constitutional Court. But, he is back in practice today, with, somehow, a licence from the Health Professionals Council of South Africa – potentially giving access to more young boys.